Monday, February 24, 2014

It's Like A Roller Coaster, just keep hanging on!

Pamilya ko! 
How is everyone? I hope you all had an amazing valentines! ah don't you just love, love? haha I can just hear Avery laughing.
This week was a straight up roller coaster, we had so many good times and so many not so good times. 
At the beginning of the week we found out that the Baltar family, who were getting baptized on Saturday, were having so many problems at their home. The lady that owned the home were threatening to kick them out because they were getting baptized in the LDS chruch. On Friday we found out Sandrie, who was also supposed to be getting baptized, was very sick and had the flu. In the midst of all these problems we did the only thing we could do, pray and fast. It's the hardest when problems are out of our control.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling like I hadn't gotten any sleep at all, I was so worried about these people and that the baptisms weren't going to go through. Then at about 8 in the morning we received texts that all three baptisms were going to happen. I immediately started crying. Heavenly Father answered our prayers and these people were going to be able to be baptized! 

Mark and Vincent- Vincent is a tricee driver and one day he drove the Elders to one of their appointments. One of the Elders decided to start talking  to him and found out that his wife is a member and he said we could come visit any time. We went to visit them the next day and found out that his wife has been waiting for someone to come visit them. We brought her to church and she's come everyday since. The first time we brought them to church, Vincent said he would come next time, which we really didn't believe because everyone says that, but he really did and he brought mark his step son. They've come every week since and Vincent has given up smoking and their whole family is now full of active members of the church. 

Sandrie Santiago- Sandrie's husband, Melchor, is a recent convert. However, when I first arrived to Vigan he wasn't attending church. When we taught him we found out that he has had a hard time, because so many people were telling him the church wasn't true and he didn't have any support from anyone around him. We started teaching him more and more frequently and inviting Sandrie each time. At first, she was always busy, but then she started listening more and more. She told us that she saw the changes in her husband and wanted to know why. Melchor received the priesthood and was able to baptize her and they are now preparing the enter the temple. 

Seeing the changes this gospel makes in people is so amazing, it's so worth all the trials and the hard times! On saturday we had 10 baptisms in our district! I just love love this gospel, it is truly the only way we can be completely happy in this life and return to live with our families forever! 

Sunday was pretty crazy! All the missionaries sang at a farewell for one of the members, she was 38 and had breast cancer. She's left 3 young kids behind. the whole time I was just praying that it would sound good for this family and It did, let's consider this a miracle! After the funeral I got to ride in a pick up truck and I felt like I was back home riding in the back of dad's truck, it was the best feeling! 

To end the week we taught an awesome object lesson to the Santiago. We used cotton alcohol and fire. When you immerse cotton in alcohol and light it on fire, it won't burn the cotton at all. We explained that the cotton is our life and the fire is temptation and the alcohol is the gospel and its principles. In life there are always trials and temptation, but as we immerse our lives in the principles of the gospel by reading praying, attending church, and keeping the commandments, we won't be affected. As members of the church satan is constantly trying to bring us down, but as we follow the guidance of the prophet and the gospel, we will be okay. This church is true. I know it with everything that I am. I am grateful everyday to be a representative of Jesus Christ and for the opportunity to build up his kingdom on the earth! 

Love you all! have an amazing week!
Sister Abelhouzen

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