Monday, April 14, 2014

"Here I am, Send me"

Hey family! 
So this week was pretty good, but it just went by so fast It's hard for me to remember everything that happened. I'll try to do my best! 
first off, I'm turning into a filipina. last week I bought a duster... it's like a night gown that they wear to clean, yeah I know attractive. 
This week we had a family home evening and our investigators came, it was fun and really nice to see how all the ward members really got involved with fellow shipping our investigators.
Something we've been having a lot of success with is rescuing less active members! There are a lot of less actives here that still have very strong testimonies of the church. A lot have been coming to church and it's been amazing for them to feel that spirit that they've missed for so long! One of our returning Less actives is actually our ward mission leader... yeah that's not how that's supposed to work, but it's all good he's active now and has really started to magnify his calling!

Alright so I have a story that I'm kind of embarrassed to say, but I know you all will get a good kick out of it. So this week I broke the word of wisdom. yes I know, but it's not what you're thinking or I wouldn't be here' I'd be there with you. haha anyways yeah so this week I bought some juice from a ward member and she just looked at me and said sister, bawal ba iyan. or isn't that not allowed and I looked at the ingredients apple and green tea. I told her it was fine and I drank it... later on I was thinking and I asked my companion, she looked at me and told me uhhh I thought it was bawal. what? I decided I probably should text and ask president he responded with yes that's bawal... oh no.... I literally had gone my whole life with thinking green tea was allowed. now,  I was convinced he was going to send me home, but I knew I needed to text him. I text him and told him that I drank it and this was his response..."hahaha" yes. I thought he was going to send me home and he is laughing. His next text was "masarap?" or in english "delicious?" haha seriously?? I just broke the word of wisdom! He called me later and told me that I was innocent. I just can't do it anymore. obviously. So there you go, that's my story about how I broke the word of wisdom on my mission. and green tea is bawal. 

The rest of the week was good, we have been finding a lot of great new people and I think the area is really close to having a lot of success. I also set a plan of for next week so I'll let you know how that goes (: 

I'm glad you all enjoyed conference... unfortunately it's a week late here in the Philippines. but we did get to watch the womens conference and one of my favorite talks was about serving the Lord!

I know there will be times in our life when the Savior needs our help. Are we too caught up in our job, school, problems, or life to remember to help him. When the Lord calls you to serve him are you going to say sorry I'm too busy or like Isaiah, "Here I am, send me."

I want to challenge you all the be ready to serve the Lord, because you never know when he'll need you. This Church is true and If we have an eternal perspective we will understand that our purpose here is not to work or play, but actually to become like our Savior Jesus Christ. I love you all! 
Sister abelhouzen

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