Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Wait you're white... and you have a referral??

Family, you will not guess what just happened, literally like an hour ago. So we left our house and we were going to a new internet place and then we had to turn around because Sister Bettilyon forgot something at home so when we finally got to the place it was not what we expected we decided to eat there and then go to the place we normally go to. While we were eating, we notice this giant white guy walk in obviously we're trying not to stare, but it was kind of hard. I wanted to walk up to him and say "I'm white, you're white wanna be friends or baptized?" but don't worry Dad I didn't. Half way through our meal this white guy walks up and says "hi sisters, I'm brother richard." UHM WHAT? we come to find out hes from Salt Lake, Mormon and in the Elders Quorum. as if that wasn't cool enough we ask him why he's here and he tells us he's visiting relatives and wants them to get baptized while he's here and they live in Santa Catalina (our area) ARE YOU KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW? oh just wait yes his family has been taught for over a year ALL the lessons and had a baptismal date, but they have been so busy and we haven't been able to teach them in a long time. THERE ARE NO SUCH THING AS ACCIDENTS. There was a reason we were late, there was a reason we didn't stay at the computer shop, and there was a reason I craved pizza (more than normal) It was so we could meet him. We will be stopping by his house tomorrow. I love the gospel.

alright haha so yeah that would be my miracle of the week. This week has been amazing! we taught 33 lessons and had 8 investigators at church! We have found some new investigators that are really progressing! There are some great things happening in the area! The Lord has really been blessing me! oh and Jojo real came to church. I REPEAT JOJO REAL CAME TO CHURCH. This is the investigator that is a born again that has been really hard to help him progress because he thinks he knows everything. but he came. "Miracles can happen once and a while, when you believe." 

I loveee this gospel! wow, It's just so true! The true Church of Jesus Christ has been restored!
Happy are we!

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