Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Miracles, Punting, Giant Spiders and Such!

Wow I love skype. It was so great to see you! This week was full of so much! probably one of my slowest weeks... it feels like ages since I Skyped you!
Christmas Eve was great! First I got to skype you, then of course we went out to work! We worked hard then went to a member's house for food! It was great! This guy owns his own channel and his house is MAGANDA. They fed us spaghetti! People here usually only eat spaghetti on special occasions because it's kind of expensive to make. It's delicious, but here in the Philippines spaghetti is sweet! They put sugar in it! I thought it was perfect for Christmas Eve because I felt like buddy the elf eating it. not even mad. 
After we ate we had to be back in our apartment by 5 because everyone get's drunk on Christmas Eve. So we thought we would just go home and study... not our best idea. I don't know why, but everyone here LOVES karaoke... people are always playing it... especially on Christmas eve... way too loud...all night long... and the next day... awesome. 
Christmas was good, we spent the morning going around inviting everyone to the Christmas party later that day and sharing messages about Christ. At night we had the branch Christmas party. It was a great turn out! The Amecay's came and stayed the whole time, they're basically members it's awesome. Us missionaries of course had a part in the program so we broke down angels we have heard on high. Oh you know me and Sister Mafi were all over that. It was way fun! Then they fed us. Sorry mom! I was going to make Christmas Dinner you sent to me, but now I get to save for another night! but I want to fully enjoy it so we're cooking it this week! Instead for Christmas I ate fish (the whole thing), clams, seaweed, rice and chickenish stuff. The weird thing? I loved it! haha I'm truly becoming a filipina! 
The rest of the week was rough we got Punted to no end. We couldn't teach anyone, because everyone was busy and recovering from the Holidays! So we just walked around and met new people. No effort wasted right? 
Saturday the Elder's had a baptism and Melinda Amecay came with us. She loved it and afterwards told us that she can't wait for her whole family to be baptized! I had little dance party on the inside. It's times like that that make everything worth it! 

Funny Story of the Week: On Sunday the speaker got up and said he wanted to share a couple quotes from President Ox Troff. I thought that's weird.. I don't remember him so I just listened and then I recognized the talk as President Uchdorfs! hahaha he literally said Ox Troff like 6 times and I couldn't help but laugh a little each time. Why can't Filipinos say Uchdorf? Earlier that week the ward mission leader said President Ot Duff. hahahaha I'm sorry but can't you just picture a short chubby little filipino tatay saying Ot Duff? Great times. 

Miracle of the Week: Monday night we received a referral for a part member family from some other missionaries who said the man was their tricee driver. We decided to contact them the next day because we were in their area. We go there and come to find out the Mom has been a member for a long time and loves the Church, but her husband died and she got remarried so she moved and hasn't come to church because she didn't know anyone and has been scared. One sunday she even came to the Church, but was too afraid to go inside. Se we taught her and her family and she has said that her son (now old enough to be baptized) wants to be baptized as well as her husband. They came to the Christmas party and to church yesterday! Heavenly Father does not forget about these people. 

I love being a servant of the Lord! He is definitely working through us! Jesus Christ's mission is still not over! It won't be over until EVERY son and daughter of God, who want to, will be able to return home. I am so grateful to be a part of this great work and how lucky I am to be able to do it during Christmas time! 

Love you all! 
Sister Abelhouzen 

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  1. Thank You so very much for sharing your experiences in the phillipines with us! I am so impressed with you testimony and faith and bravery in serving in such a strange place! My niece has been called to serve in Laoag and enters the MTC in March. I have been nervous about the conditions she will face with the humidity, bugs, rats, etc., but it sounds like the rewards outweigh the difficulties. I hope she gets to serve with you and I so appreciate you selfless service and faith! Thank You!