Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas is in the Air!

Hey fam!
This week flew by! It was great too!
The week started off with one of the nanays in our ward offering me to make me a skirt for christmas conference! I'm picking it up right after this! Also remember goat lady? We met her this week! She's awesome and hopefully we'll get to keep teaching her!
Eloysa is getting baptized on December 28! haha I know you don't know who Eloysa is but still it's exciting! My first baptism! Eloysa is a 18 year old who's dad is Less Active, in fact he's so less active that none of his family knew that he was a member! We've been working on the rest of the family, but Eloysa is just so prepared! The family sells fish and shrimp so one day we decided to buy some. When we got it we realized something... this fish had no meat. It was dried fish. which means its the skin, bones, eyeballs, and teeth..... yum. but apparently they really like it so we'll see. 
I taught my very first lesson to a drunk person... exciting. we went in to teach some of our investigators and half way through the lesson this drunk guy just walks into the house and sits down... uhmm okay? haha so we kept going until he interupted us every five seconds. finally Sister Bettilyon just said really fast: Mensahey namin ay totoo sa pangalan ni JesuCristo Amen Pray muna Tayo! I said a quick pray and we got outta there faster than you could have thought. haha we could have been frustrated, but we chose to laugh instead. 

This weekend was great, it was fast Sunday so we thought we would be smart since we still have to proselyte on Sundays by starting to fast Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon, but then our branch President gave us pizza at one of our meetings and well we had to eat it for two reasons: Pizza here is very expensive and that was really nice of him! and I LOVE PIZZA. no regrets. haha it was the most delicious meal I've had since being here! So we just fasted all Sunday and we were fine, Plus I HAD SIX INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH! that's so great especially because all the other missionaries usually have 1 or 2 ahhh we were so happy! What a great Sunday!

Funny Story of the Week: We were walking to one of our appointments when a lady stopped us and wanted to take a picture with her (not uncommon) So we took one and of course used it as a teaching opportunity! We ended up going to her Giant Maganda house and she was telling us about her family when this man walks out. I immediately turn and say "Kamusta, Ano ang Pangalan mo brother?" he just looks at me when the lady says "oh no he doesn't." the guy looks and me and says "Hi i'm Ron" with no accent and perfect english. I literally forgot english for a second so I said "ay magaling kayo sa Tagalog" he just laughed and said "you know I don't know what you're saying? I grew up in California" I just say "you're english is so good" hahah. I honestly think I was just shocked couldn't believe I was speaking to an american! It was great! We ended up talking for over an hour and he is very familiar with Salt Lake and the LDS church! and get this, he LOVES family history! Who knew when they said you'd use it in the MTC they weren't kidding. We have an appointment with him this week! I'm just so excited to teach him in English!

Miracle of the week: One of our investigators JoJo is a born again and Sister Bettilyon and I have been getting really frustrated because he just hasn't been progressing and thinks he knows everything. When we teach him, his whole family usually listens. Finally one week we asked everyone to come to church and stressed the importance! Sunday came and no Jojo, but his sister, Melinda and her kids came! This week we taught just Melinda and found out that she has been really sick and been in and out of the hospital for years because she has blood clots. She loves our gospel and believes that if she turns to Christ, he will help her. We asked her if she wanted a priesthood blessing and she said yes. Some of the Elders in our district came and gave her a priesthood blessing and the spirit was so strong! She said she already feels stronger and she excepted a baptismal date for January 18. Priesthood power is real! 

Here in the Philippines, it's Christmas everywhere! Lights and Christmas music! We have Christmas conference this week where we will be performing a filipino dance. Stoked!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season! Never forget what Christmas is all about: Christ! Honor him by serving others and always remember his love for us! Thank you all for you love and support!
Sister Abelhouzen

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