Monday, February 9, 2015

Amazing Week!

Hey family! 
Sorry this is a bit late, we've had meetings and a lot going in preparation for a general authority that will be coming to speak to our mission later today.... yeah we're stoked! That's like Santa Claus for us missionaries.
hmmm where to start.
I guess I can start with my exchanges in claveria. Yup I got to go back to paradise. It was amazing. I went and worked in the other sisters area so that my next transfer, I can go back to my area. It was so fun and I really loved it! I got to see the sasis family. This family is the rock in claveria and since I've been gone they've been sealed. Right when I pulled up in the tricey all of the little kids started yelling Sister Aby!!! including B-boy, who by the way could not talk last time I was there. We had a good visit and there house has all of the pictures of us on their wall! Ahh so fun! I was so lucky to go visit them.
We had some great lessons this week. We've been teaching a family, the father is actually a pastor in another church and they are very receptive. He even told us that he knows the church they are joined with is not true, but it's the closest they've found and are just looking for it. He has been really searching, but lately has been held up with how we use more that one cup in the sacrament because Jesus Christ only used one. We explained about how the church has expanded and we now have modern day revelation from a living prophet so we know exactly what to do. He couldn't let it go. I was trying to think about what scriptures I could share with him to prove it when a thought came to me... Sister Testify. at that moment I just bore my testimony about how I know this is true because I have asked God myself. I explained that I don't know everything, but I know that God does and He loves his children and will answer us if we ask Him. After he looked at me and said Sister I feel like what your saying is true, i'm just confused. I will ask. It was really cool and taught me that sometimes we don't need to say all the elaborate things or know all the verses in the bible. We just need to rely on the Holy Ghost and testify. 
Then after a sleep deprived week of hard work we had a baptism of Leonardo Gabuten. He has been an investigator for quite some time. His wife is a member and has been active for awhile just waiting on him.

A piece of advice for anyone that will be serving in the Philippines, Learn to Laugh. The church here is new and you will experience some crazy things... For example:
If when you arrive at the church and the gates are still locked.
Church starts 30 minutes late because nobody shows up on time.
the relief society president calls a return missionary to repentance because she hasn't married yet.. in the middle of class The gospel principles teachers asks everyone to give an example of a sin they have done.
the opening hymn in sacrament meeting sounds a little bit like a bunch of cats dying
everyone bares their testimony in sacrament meeting about all of their sicknesses they have and how strong they are if your baptism starts one hour late because they forgot to fill up the font.
These are just a few examples maybe i'll give more next week haha. Bottom line: I used to be so frustrated and stressed on Sundays, but I now I just smile and laugh and think, they're doing their best. 
For all of you Read this, It's amazing and changed my life:
I love you all have a great week, 
Sister Aby

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