Tuesday, May 6, 2014

There's a beach... in Laoag??

Hey family! soo some exciting news my companion is awesome, the area is huge, and we are busy!!! I"m loving the mission right now and I think this might be one of my favorite transfers of my mission! 
Monday before Sister Quimpo and sister Jornacion left we went to the beach!!! yes the beach! In Laoag city! and It's in our area! It was so fun with the members and so so beautiful! I'll attach a picture! 

Me and my companion are doing really well, we have been trying to work our hardest and be exactly obedient and the spirit has been really strong in our lessons. There have been so many times this week when people have told us they know what we are sharing is true, because what they feel in their hearts and the hair on their arms is standing up.  amazing! I love being a missionary! 

On tuesday- thursday we had two sisters come and stay in our apartment. They were waiting for their apartment to be done. one of the sister's first area is our area now so president said she could go on exchanges to visit some of the people. It was really fun to see how happy the people were to see her! It just made me think of when I go back to Vigan. I just heard my favorite family (Amecay) was just baptized and are so happy! They still write me all the time! I can't wait to see them again! 

This week 2 of our members were in the hospital and we went to go sing for them. It was a really humbling experience. So many people are sick here and they don't get the care they need. They get a huge room with no air conditioning and no fans (unless you can pay for one) and stick 20 sick people there. We went and sang for all those people and they told us our voices sounded like angels. well that was definitely the spirit haha. but it was a really good experience and I'm glad I got to help them feel better spiritually, and hopefully someday physically too! 

I really enjoy being a missionary, but sometimes it's hard because you feel a lot of pressure to be amazing. I have been really shown all of my weaknesses. At first it was overwhelming, I wanted to be the best so bad. Then I realized, like it says in the scriptures, that God gives us weaknesses so that we rely on him. That is the reason I we continually fast, pray, and study. So that we may have the Lord on our side. We need him. All we do is the best we can and then he'll make up the rest! I know that weaknesses are just a technicality if we turn everything to Heavenly Father! 

Love you all, 
Sister Abelhouzen 

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