Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Life in the MTC

Pamilya ko! 
ahhh! I love you all so so much! 
So the MTC is crazy. it's so dang hard! my first day I walked into class and my teacher didn't speak english at all. I just smile and nod... hahah I already know how to pray and bare my testimony in Tagalog! Crazy huh! It's been three days! I just taught my first investigator yesterday, IN ALL TAGALOG. Let's just say it was rough haha. We had all these notes written out, but we decided to throw them all out before and go my memory and the spirit. We struggled with the Tagalog, but the spirit was there and we made it, we teach him again tonight! 
It is really hard, but I LOVE IT!
I love being a missionary! I'm so happy! The spirit is so strong here!
My Kasama is Sister Odom, she's from Arizona and she's awesome! We think a lot alike!
I'm on the new west campus! It's so nice and the food is soooooo good!  don't worry I'm trying to eat a salad at every meal so I don't get fat ha!.

My district is awesome! we have 4 elders and 4 sisters and they're all so fun! I honestly am always laughing! We're the only new district in our zone with Elders and Sisters so It's awesome!

Kay so it's FREEZING HERE! sorry but mommy... could you send me my SUU sweatshirt to work out in?  also another pair of sweatpants

Oh another thing I forgot to mention is there are 12 girls in my apartment. YES  TWELVE! and we have two bathrooms. If your bad at math lets just say the mornings are chaotic! I've been getting up earlier to get ready.

Kay so I love you all so much! thanks for your support!
Love always, Sister Abelhouzen
P.S. please pray for me and fast for me this weekend! Kaloob ng mga wika (the gift of tongues) is real and I need all the help I can get!

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