Friday, May 10, 2013

Called to Serve

Yesterday was the day, the day that will change my life forever.  I will always remember May 9, 2013 as the day that I opened my mission call.
I woke up stirring, let's be honest ha I didn't sleep much. I immediately looked at the clock hoping that I may have slept in to 11:00, nope 8:17... ugh. four and half hours until the mailman comes. I spent the rest of the day cleaning everything I possibly could, and I mean EVERYTHING
By 1:00 I thought I would go on a run, and I might happen to stop by the mailbox on my way (I mean he could come early right?)  So I stuck my mail key in my sports bra and was on my way (no judgement zone? cool.) I honestly don't think I've ever run that fast, I'm talkin' like 7 minute mile people. compared to my 10 minute mile pace, I felt like Bolt. Despite my newfound running skills I was heartbroken to find that the mail had not yet arrived. 

I then proceeded to check the mail box every 15 minutes.. once 1:30 rolled around I was not very happy with the mailman. LIKE WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS BEING LATE ON THE DAY THAT MY MISSION CALL SHOULD ARRIVE! 

Finally at the 2:06pm the mailman (who was in fact a mail woman) emerged from her little white van-truck-thingy. She looked at me and smiled saying, "Are you Sister McKenzie Abelhouzen?" I must have looked desperate when I said "YES!!!" because she laughed and handed me the most beautiful huge white envelope. I could have sworn it was glowing haha

now all I had to do was wait six and a half hours.

don't worry I kept myself nice and occupied:
pressing it up against the window (those envelopes are definitely NOT see through)
figuring out a way I could open it with out anyone noticing (no luck)
and baking loads and loads of strawberry shortcake (well mostly eating haha thanks mama (:)

FINALLY, 8:30pm came and all my incredible friends and family began to come. My heart was pounding! I couldn't wait to open my call! 
All my friends and family gathered around me and I read aloud, 

"Dear Sister Abelhouzen:
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Philippines Laoag Mission!"

I was in shock! Just the night earlier I was telling my friends how sweet it would be to get called to the Philippines, but I honestly didn't think anything of it. I WAS GOING TO MY DREAM MISSION! 

I continued reading and learned that I would be leaving September 25th (FOREVER AWAY) and I would be speaking Tagalog, which I had no idea how to pronounce... so that's a good sign.

I'M SO EXCITED! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is TRUE! I'm so excited to share this amazing gospel with the people of the Philippines.

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